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TMCA SSL Certificate

Driving the full online potential of your business by securing your websites and building the trust.

Having known and confident that your websites and online services are secured from being compromised, is the greatest of importance in delivering trust to your visitors cum customers to transact on the internet via your website.

SSL protocol is by far the best practise to accomplish this by utilizing SSL certificate. SSL certificate secures data transfer as well as guarantees ownership of the SLL certificate. Thus, your visitor can have the peace of mind and confident that his or her data being submitted through https by his or her browser is secured. In addition, visitor can conveniently verify the ownership of your website as every SSL certificate is recognizable by the popular browser lock icon that can be found at the bottom or in the address-bar of the browser.

As your security partner, we support and provide you a solution that suits conveniently to your needs. Under our suits of SSL solution, we have just the right one for you.

If you need SSL certificate for a specific Domain Name, our basic SSL certificate called TMCA Standard SSL, is catered for you. It comes with the 2048 bits SSL security that provides the strongest available SSL Encryption. For Multi-domain SSL certificate, we offer our TMCA Multi-Domain SSL solution which caters up to 10 different domain names through a single certificate. If you require unlimited number of sub-domains to be secured via SSL protocol, we offer you our TMCA Wildcard SSL solution (* It also caters for unlimited number of servers.

Why SSL is a must for the online ebusiness ?

  • All websites in the internet are at risk of attack
  • Visitors only trust secured websites
  • Online shoppers only 'click and buy' online when they can easily and have a reliable way to verify the site identity and security
  • Visitors and consumers look for lock icon on their browsers
  • Visitors always want to verify your company information
  • SSL certificate is the most cost effective solution to build confident and trust for websites


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